All-Abilities Casting Series 2024: Supporting Deaf & Hard of Hearing Performers

Casting Image Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Casting Image Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Actors

Casting Workshops d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing actors. 

Plain Language PDF Text: HERE 

A free casting workshop for all 18+ d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing actors to learn about casting in Film and TV. On Sunday March 10th from 1-3pm, online on Zoom.  

Actors can sign up HERE. Questions to   

Ardán, Coimisiún na Meán, and the Irish Deaf Society are excited to present the second edition of the All-Abilities casting series.  

This workshop will be hosted by Katy Moylan-Shorten, Casting Director at Ali Coffey Casting and Actor & Irish Sign Language Interpreter Shelley Gibson. 

Who will the workshop be for?  

This is an opportunity for new, entry and emerging d/Deaf, and Hard of Hearing actors in film and TV. 

The objective of this online webinar is to learn more about and demystify the casting process. These informal and accessible sessions will support d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing performers in learning more about casting and auditions. 

In this session, we explore the stages of casting, discuss audition requirements, and explore the language used in casting for TV and film.  

Some sample topics will be;  

  • Materials to prepare in advance of auditions (including headshots and CVs),  
  • Practical advice for preparing self-tapes,  
  • How to find out about casting opportunities,  
  • Preparing for auditions,  
  • How to avail of any supports you might need, and how to communicate your access needs to casting directors to ensure you have what you need.   

When and where will the workshop be happening?  

This webinar will be host online over Zoom, on Sunday March 10th from 1-3pm.  

This workshop will be free of charge, but registration is required. 

Who can apply to take part in the workshop?  

Entry and emerging d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing actors/performers who have a keen interest in working in Film and TV are welcome to apply to take part in the workshop.  

Guest from across Ireland and all levels of experience are welcome to attend. 

This event is recommended for guest 18+ and actors with an intermediate to high ISL fluency. 

How do I apply for the workshop?  

Applicants, or a representative on behalf of the applicant, are asked to fill out the form link, HERE  

When registering you will be asked to tell us a little more about yourself and acting experience (if any). 

Please note once you have register, you will then receive an email from us with a Zoom link and more information. 

Further Information  

This event will have a ISL interpreter. Guests who attend the online session will then receive a captioned recording of the webinar (within 2-3 weeks of the event).  

Please direct any questions to Eibh Collins at   

About Katy Moylan-Shorten 

Katy Moylan-Shorten, Casting Director at Ali Coffey Casting.  

Katy joined as Ali’s nimble right hand in 2009 and now is an acclaimed casting director. She’s proud of her roots having recently had her colour refreshed and her Corkonian heritage. Whilst Ali has always had a personal aversion to formal education, she is damn proud of Katy who is a Masters Graduate from Trinity College Dublin and Royal Holloway University of London. Katy’s superpower is recognising any actor any time anywhere no matter how out of context or heavy the blindfold! 

About Shelley Gibson 

Shelley Gibson is an ISL/English interpreter and performer. She graduated from the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin in 2018 and has 6 years under her belt of working on stage and screen as an interpreter. During covid, she travelled to London to train at The International College of Musical Theatre and graduated in 2021 with the Acting Award. She has since worked with the likes of Jack Whitehall, Skoda, Orchard Thieves and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She has extensive experience self-taping and auditioning and very much looks forward to sharing her tips and tricks on how to get started as an actor in the industry.

About Irish Deaf Society 

The Irish Deaf Society seeks to achieve and promote the Equality and Rights of Deaf people in Ireland. On the grounds of the Irish Constitution and Human Rights and international legislation, the ambition of full access to citizenship and society is sought through the empowerment and mobilisation of the Deaf community. With an awareness of their identity and their rights as individuals, Deaf people in Ireland are enabled to celebrate their culture and continue to ensure the upholding of Irish Sign Language recognition and break down the barriers of discrimination. 

About Coimisiún na Meán 

Coimisiún na Meán has been established further to the provisions of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022(“OSMR Act 2022”). The OSMR Act 2022 was enacted on 10 December 2022. The OSMR Act 2022 amended the Broadcasting Act 2009 to establish Coimisiún na Meán and dissolve the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”). 

In addition to undertaking the functions of the BAI as the regulator for broadcasting in Ireland, Coimisiún na Meán is to establish a regulatory framework for online safety, update the regulation of television broadcasting and audiovisual on-demand services, and transpose the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive into Irish law.