Our story

What is Ardán?

A platform for creative talent in Film, TV, Games and Animation.

Ardán is a non-profit, independent organisation operating across the West of Ireland and beyond. Our principal aim is to support creatives within the audio-visual industry, in the mediums of filmmaking, television, animation and games, through enabling access and providing opportunities.

Our work is founded upon our belief in the incredible depth of talent we have in the regions of Ireland and most especially in the West. Our goal is to enable that formidable creative spirit to enrich the audio-visual industry, and for talented individuals to realise their full potential and grow a sustainable career path as a result.

At the core of our support is providing opportunities. We know that talented people just like you will not hesitate to seize opportunities, if you are able to access them, and when you are given a chance to flex your creative muscles you can and will produce something amazing.

From Galway Film Centre to Ardán

Reflecting and Embracing Change

Since 1989, Ardán was better known as Galway Film Centre (GFC).  For three decades, GFC steadfastly supported emerging and established talent, and significantly raised the profile of the audio-visual industry in the West.

Over thirty years later, the industry has evolved considerably, and our priorities and areas of activity have changed in response.  In 2022, to more accurately reflect that change, GFC became Ardán.

What does Ardán do?

Enabling Access – Providing Opportunities

Ardán fundamentally is a source of information, advice, schemes and funding for those aspiring to or already working within the industry.

We will help you access funding, mentoring, workshops, training, and events, to give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills and improve existing skills
  • Meet and network with others in your field, at all levels
  • Get your work made
  • Showcase your work

We act as a much-needed platform for talent to access and avail of the opportunities they need, find each other, create magnificent work and get that work seen by a wider audience.

From this platform, we aspire to create a ‘Creative Space’ where talent can thrive, and collaborate to produce brilliant, innovative work that allows the industry here to flourish, and be appreciated and recognised both within Ireland and worldwide.

We are continuously seeking out new opportunities to offer to individuals and groups within the audio-visual mediums, and we will make every effort to help you find an opportunity that suits you.