Science on Screen & NTA Animation Commission Callout

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  • paid commission
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The Science on Screen programme, in partnership with Ardán and the National Talent Academy for Animation is delighted to offer new opportunities to collaborate with CÚRAM* researchers on a series of short animations.

This is a paid commission.

The objective is to create a series of easy to understand, short animations that present scientific concepts currently being explored through research projects at CÚRAM.

Science on Screen (a partnership between CÚRAM and Árdan) is a programme that provides opportunities for collaboration between our researchers and creative artists. These collaborative projects help create a better understanding and awareness of CÚRAMs research and its importance in and for society.

There are 4 shorts in total with each individual / team being awarded 2 shorts.

The application deadline is October 21st at 5pm.

Find out more about this commission on the Animation Ireland website.

The delivery date will be late February 2023.