Animators Announced for Science on Screen Animations 2023-2024

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Ardán and CÚRAM in collaboration with National Talent Academy for Animation are delighted to announce the animators for their latest Science on Screen animation commissions 2023-2024. 

Animators were sought to create short, one-minute 2D animations, to explain research projects being developed at CÚRAM, a SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices based at University of Galway. The goal is to create animations which can communicate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way for public and patient audiences. 

Introducing the Animators 

Brosna O’Donovan

With over 15 years working in television, Brosna O’Donovan has relocated to her native Sligo to set up Mighty Grays Studio. Specialising in animated explainer videos and short films she hopes to make high quality 3D animation accessible to businesses. 

Chris Tierney

Chris Tierney has been working as a designer, photographer and filmmaker in Galway since 2004, and has picked a huge range of experience developing projects in many different media. 

For the last eight years he has concentrated on making films for engineering, biomed and energy companies, including state bodies, multinationals and startups; his work has brought him to almost a dozen countries, including the UAE and Japan. 

Chris’ approach to the Science on Screen project will see him taking the communications and animation skills learned in his career and focusing them on the nascent technologies at CURAM. 

You can see a reel of his work and get in touch at 

About the Animation Projects

Brosna and Chris will each make 2 animations for projects outlined by CÚRAM, with each project having a total budget of €4,000 and a duration of 50-60. Both animators will receive mentoring during the process which will be facilitated by the National Talent Academy for Animation. 

Previous animations made in the scheme can be found here. 

Brosna will make animations for Projects 1 Solutions for Inflammatory Bowel Diseaseand Project 3 Nature Inspired Adhesion Films, while Chris will make animations for Projects 2 Biodegradable Coatings in Urinary Stents and Project 4 Deep Brain Stimulation from Piezoelectric Electrodes 


CÚRAM is a world-leading research centre funded through Science Foundation Ireland, with expertise in medical device technology. With ten partner universities and multiple industry partners, CÚRAM’s aim is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and Parkinson’s disease.  

Medical device research and development is based on multidisciplinary research involving basic or discovery-oriented research through applied and translational science. Given the complexities involved, communicating about this research to public audiences can present a challenge for researchers.  

Education and Public Engagement (EPE) is a core activity at CÚRAM and the EPE Team is involved in a variety of innovative programmes aimed at engaging all audiences with its research. Science on Screen (a partnership between CÚRAM and Árdan) is one of these programmes that provides opportunities for collaboration between our researchers and creative artists. These collaborative projects help create a better understanding and awareness of CÚRAMs research and its importance in and for society. 

About Science on Screen

Since 2016, Science on Screen has produced eight short-form science documentaries based on the research being undertaken by CÚRAM researchers. These films have reached an audience of over one million people worldwide, earned six international awards and have been screened at over 30 film festivals in 17 countries.