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Screen to Science on Screen Film Festival

An Irish Film Festival to showcase the best of science in film

An Irish Film Festival to showcase the best of science in film


This annual film festival celebrates science by showcasing feature films telling important stories about science and people.  These both illustrate how scientific facts impact on our lives, and explore how current research is working to improve them.  In this way, SSOF aims to engage the audience and encourage conversations about science.


The festival also revisits the excellent documentaries funded through the Science on Screen programme that began in 2016.  These five films have won six international awards, and are testament to the powerful and thought provoking stories that science has to tell.


Last year’s 2021 festival showcased two salient films: “Cooked” demonstrated how environmental crises often impact to a greater degree on disadvantaged and marginalised communities; and “Science in Exile” told the story of how human-made crises have affected the lives of scientists and interrupted their work, focusing on four researchers from Syria, Yemen and Iraq.


Science on Screen is an initiative of Ardán and CÚRAM (Centre for Research in Medical Devices).