What is Ardán?

A film crew and actor walk down a main street with a boom and camera
48h Filming in Galway

Ardán is a non-profit, independent organisation operating across the West of Ireland and beyond. Our principal aim is to support creatives within the audio-visual industry, in the mediums of filmmaking, television, animation and games, through enabling access and providing opportunities.

Our work is founded upon our belief in the incredible depth of talent we have in the regions of Ireland and most especially in the West. Our goal is to enable that formidable creative spirit to enrich the audio-visual industry, and for talented individuals to realise their full potential and grow a sustainable career path as a result.

At the core of our support is providing opportunities. We know that talented people just like you will not hesitate to seize opportunities, if you are able to access them, and when you are given a chance to flex your creative muscles you can and will produce something amazing.